RISE-06 Demystifying the Entanglement between Work and Life

Learn how your perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining an inclusive and equitable workplace

RISE-06 Demystifying the Entanglement between Work and Life

Most organizations and individuals utilize the concept referred to as work-life balance, which does not accurately reflect what most people want to be able to do. This course will identify methods to find ways to harmonize all parts of our lives with one another, allowing for each to take center stage as needed.

RISE-06 is part of the RISE Cultural Competency Certification Platform, an intensive nine-course series that will bolster your understanding of modern HRM standards, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the required organizational change management. These courses take an unyielding personal inventory of aspects of your own thinking related to the level of commitment that is necessary to bring about change and how to continually measure and monitor the desired outcomes.

Participants will complete thought-provoking workshops and self-journaling exercises that increase self-reflection, alongside concrete steps for improvement while creating lasting behavior change and the kind of inclusive culture that helps organizations thrive is the only way to develop a truly equitable organization.

Certificate is awarded upon completion.

Virtual Instructor-Led Format & Online Self-Paced Available

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Individual Course $25

Nine-Course RISE Cultural Competency Certification Platform Series $200


Virtual Instructor-Led and Online Self-Paced Format

Delivery Method

2 Hours

Total Duration

$25 USD per Course


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