RISE-11 Active Listening for Leaders

Learn how your perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining an inclusive and equitable workplace

RISE-11 Active Listening for Leaders

Becoming culturally competent is an important and often overlooked aspect of active listening. Becoming an empathetic and effective listener helps people become more culturally competent.

CM2-11 Envision RISE Active Listening course is designed for leaders.

Participants will complete thought-provoking workshops and self-journaling exercises that increase self-reflection, alongside concrete steps for improvement while creating lasting behavior change and the kind of inclusive culture that helps organizations thrive is the only way to develop a truly equitable organization.

Certificate is awarded upon completion.

Virtual Instructor-Led Format & Self-Paced Available

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Individual Course $223


Virtual Instructor-Led and Online Self-Paced Format

Delivery Method

2 Hours

Total Duration

$223 USD per Course


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