RISE-12 Conflict De-Escalation in the Workplace

Learn how your perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining an inclusive and equitable workplace

RISE-12 Conflict De-Escalation in the Workplace

In this course, participants learn to recognize when a difference of opinion may be escalating into something more, to identify their own triggers and responses to conflict, and to work through issues effectively.

RISE-12 builds on the concepts learned in the Active Listening course, teaching participants to identify conflict as it arises by using the skills of empathy, compassion, and cultural competency.

Participants will complete three workshops designed to identify their own responses to conflict and apply new skills to common workplace issues.

Certificate is awarded upon completion.

Virtual Instructor-Led Format & Online Self-Paced Available

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Individual Course $223


Virtual Instructor-Led and Online Self-Paced Format

Delivery Method

2 Hours

Total Duration

$223 USD per Course


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