RISE-13 Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace

Learn how your perspectives and experiences can contribute to creating and sustaining an inclusive and equitable workplace

RISE-13 Foundations of an Inclusive Workplace

In this course, participants are introduced to the most common types of unconscious bias, learn to build an inclusive vocabulary, and explore the concepts of allies, advocates, and accomplices.

RISE-13 is an ideal course for those just starting their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. The foundational concepts covered in this course will help participants better understand their own perspectives and experiences and how they intersect with the experiences of others.

Participants will also complete four short workshops to gain a working knowledge of these topics and practice new skills.

Virtual Instructor-Led Format & Online Self-Paced Available

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost: Individual Course $223


Virtual Instructor-Led and Online Self-Paced Format

Delivery Method

2 Hours

Total Duration

$223 USD per Course


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