The evolutionary Envision RISE platform centers on organizational transformation and strategy to foster Retention through Improvement, Strategy, and Excellence. Our unique training and service model seamlessly blends the methods of Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Human Resource Management (HRM), and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) to create a powerful integration and understanding of the relationship between the organization and the actual workforce.



Creating effective retention strategies that improve the environment to decrease turnover of high potential resources should be one of leadership’s most important jobs. All employees have unique desires and goals. They want to feel that they are appreciated by their employer and treated fairly. They want to be challenged and excited by the job they are asked to do.


High-performing organizations prioritize curiosity and innovation within their workplace culture. To achieve improvement, it’s essential to consistently nurture and maintain these qualities. In today’s business landscape, there is a growing emphasis on constructing enterprise ecosystems that actively foster and value diverse perspectives.


Incorporating culture into your business strategy can provide a significant advantage. By strategically aligning your business with the employee lifecycle and your overarching goals and objectives, you empower your workforce. A well-crafted strategy not only facilitates employee retention but also actively supports their continuous growth and development.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, RISE showcases a solid and purposeful commitment to embodying your corporate values and achieving organizational excellence. The RISE Maturity Model commences by identifying gaps — in outcomes, policies, and perceptions — and sets the stage for an ongoing, collaborative dialogue and improvement strategy.

The RISE platform instills a novel way of thinking that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the individual and not simply an HR-centered initiative. Employees will execute with far more passion and commitment when they feel valued for their individuality. Today, it is not only about having diversity within a company but leveraging that diversity to produce better products, services and improves customer and supplier relations.

Envision RISE is powered by IpX, the Institute for Process Excellence. IpX is a leading enterprise transformation organization serving companies worldwide. IpX helps companies transform, thrive, and sustain through workforce training, True North Services, and partnerships with organizations to develop and implement new processes and ways of working. 

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